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About Us

eOceanic.com uses a 'question and answer' format to help transfer information quickly and efficiently. It is only fitting that we use the same approach to help us answer some of the questions you might have about us:

What’s this all about?

At eOceanic, we are passionate about boating. We believe that everyone should experience the enjoyment of competent coastal cruising at least once in their lifetime. That, when afloat, people should have the benefit of the best possible seagoing information. And, when provided with this, boating is safer, offers better experiences and is more open and attractive to more people.

We aim to make these beliefs real by detailing the coastline and providing the finest intelligence upon which to address it. To accomplish this, we take pride in selecting the best data sets and combining them with practical personal experience, knowledge and insight. This is then standardised, given structure and brought alive with imagery and technology so that it is a joy to engage with and the best decisions are easy to see. We then fully realise our vision by making it all available for free on eOceanic.com.

We do this because, for us, the true heart of the boating is a life well lived enjoying the best of emotions. It is about stepping up to take on measured adventures, be they little or large, and the thrills and spills that come with them. It is about spending time with friends and family, encouraging children to explore. It is about being inspired by the freedom and beauty of the nation’s great coastline and, just maybe, what is over that distant horizon. This is where we want to be, helping you to be safe and discover more, so you can enjoy your time afloat with friends and family and go create the fondest of memories.

But all this data is already available elsewhere?

Our desire to inspire and share the joys of boating drives us to be pioneering innovators that challenge the norms and create new and contemporary possibilities beyond established expectations.

Yes, there is a wide selection of sailing publications available such as technical books, cruising guides, voyage accounts not to mention a host of superbly informative sailing magazines. These are all excellent resources and we actively encourage their consumption. However, few are universally available right here, right now, and ready to search for the required answer on your smartphone. Few have the ease of use of being tightly standardised with a practical and easily understood format. Fewer still are free to all and none, to our knowledge, interweave and fuse real-time data to make their insights come alive as does eOceanic.

At eOceanic, we work hard to create new expectations and when we focus, as we do in Ireland and on England’s south coast, nothing compares to the breadth and depth of information we make available. And, by being committed pioneers, we know we are shaping the future of boating information so that everyone’s experience afloat can only improve through our drive and inspiration.

How can you earn an income when everything is free?

We have not commercialised eOceanic as of yet, but we will do soon. Being enthusiasts who delight in the joy of boating and recognise the benefits that it brings to us, our family and our friends, our objective has been, and will always be, to provide the seagoing community with the best of information for free and for the common good.

That will never change, and users who cherish this resource can rest completely assured of this. Purchasable products will be available in the future. These offerings will in no way detract from this widely loved resource and only serve to enhance it and the positive sailing experience it supports. Our singular objective will always be to leave you wanting more.

What we are doing now?

We are currently focusing on extending out our coverage of England. Through ‘Havens’ and ‘Routes’, we are striving to make the following statement true… No one afloat needs to pass the shores we cover for want of shelter in a storm, the knowledge of its resources, or somewhere to bring up in a place of natural beauty.

Today eOceanic.com covers all of Ireland’s coastline and the south-central coast of England. This will continue to broaden and deepen as we extend along the coast. If you would like to help, please contact us (above top right-hand corner) or click the ‘share’ button above for details. We would also be delighted to hear of proven cruising routes or shortcuts along the coastline.

Finally, have you discovered optimisations on your boat or solved problems? Let’s share them. Nothing is too small or too large to help. Again, please click the ‘share’ button and you will be guided through an immediate contribution. All is of enormous help to the next boater following your path.

If you would like to know how we came to be, why not check out our Origin Story External link.