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The trick to inserting a new water pump impeller
Flexible rubber impeller pumps are the most common mechanism to cool yacht engines. However, the rubber impeller wears and degrades requiring regular replacement, typically annually. This can prove to be difficult, particularly so for larger pumps where the vanes can be disagreeably stiff or when the pump housing is difficult to access in the confines of an engine compartment.

How to identify water leaks in pressurised freshwater systems
Pressurised water systems load up freshwater pipes and joints. Often small leaks can develop typically at joints. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to detect where these leaks are.

The single most important sailing knot to learn, the bowline
Sailing is a world of knots, bends, hitches, loops etc each targeted at specific roles. There are far too many to learn them all, unless you take pleasure in the art, and for a starter trying to get to grips with rope handling can be daunting.

How to cut out a large round hole
Cutting out a hole larger than the largest hole saw fitting, can be daunting. It is very difficult to hand cut with a jigsaw unless it is very large.

A very useful general purpose knot, the round turn and two half hitches
Sailing is a world of knots, bends, hitches, loops etc and can be daunting. But a handful of knots will suffice. The bowline is the king of the multi-purpose sailing knots, and the one to learn first. After that, our circumnavigations’ most convenient knot was the clove hitch. But it is worth spreading out to a few more general purpose knots.

The highly convenient clove hitch
Sailing is a world of knots, bends, hitches, loops etc. The bowline is the king of the multi-purpose knots, and the one to learn first. But although functional in almost every circumstance it can be cumbersome in many situations.

Making it easier to keep a yacht’s varnish work in good condition
Most yachts have varnished wooden details that are exposed to the elements. This degrades quickly if the protective varnish coat is damaged and water is allowed to work its way into the wood.

Undoing very tight screws
Screws, like almost every fastening, have a tendency to seize up on a seagoing vessel. They can also be very hard going to put in.

A simple splice for light braided line
Splices are convenient but can be daunting to master.

How to prevent a line's natural tendency to fray
Almost all lines get worn and unravelled at the edge. This natural attrition, if left unattended, shortens the lines and makes for an ugly appearance.

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