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How do romantic relationships fair in long-distance cruising situations?
Although living on a boat and sailing around the world is a very exciting life cruising couples will spend 24 x 7 x 365 x several years in isolated environments for extended periods. They are 100% reliant on each other, often with their lives at stake, and share everything. Many may question, can their relationship survive this?

Preventing and dealing with sea sickness
Seasickness beleaguers recreational sailing and occupational seafarers alike. Although there are varying degrees to its level of affliction and each individual's susceptibility, in the worst of situations, everyone will get seasick and it is a totally unpleasant malady. The old seafaring comment 'at first you fear that you might die, and then later, as it continues, you fear that you might not' captures the sensation all too well. It can debilitate a crew so badly that the boat is left to fend for itself in dangerous seas. Likewise, the dumbest of sailing mistakes that have needlessly and recklessly endangered craft have often been made by brightest people, simply because they are so struck down that they have lost the will to apply thought to anything anymore.

Adding storage for crew members clothes and personal items
Yachts are highly space restricted and when crews come aboard they bring a quantity of personal items that require individual storage space. Personal item storage can often be hard to come by without consuming usable vessel space.

Keeping children and pets aboard
Guard rails present large gaps. This makes it a challenge to keep small souls aboard, who are unwise to the dangers of sailing.

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