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How to make effective curtains
It is difficult to strike the balance between curtains that are both effective and those that do not detract from the appearance of the yacht.

Insulating portholes to keep the cold at bay in the winter
If you live aboard a boat in the winter it is always a battle to limit the heat loss that leaks out of a yacht through large portals and windows. Likewise, a lot of heat comes in through the portals in the height of summer and this can be uncomfortable.

Reducing clothes wrinkles
Clothes wrinkles are caused by too much compression or items being able to shift and settle. A cruising crews' clothes are usually packed into tight lockers or crew bags and there is a lot of potential for movement. The result is a very creased look when going ashore.

Keeping books on shelves
The fiddles built across the front of most shelves on production boats are usually neat looking and hold books and other tall items in place when the boat is relatively steady or at anchor. But when a yacht is tacking, rolling or meeting that inevitable seaway the fiddles are often found to be too low and the contents of bookshelves often empty into the cabin.

Keeping the cockpit clear of sheets
Lines can coil untidily in and around an active cockpit causing a mess and a difficult working environment.

Tiding the ends of docklines
Excess mooring warps have a tendency to be untidy, cluttering decks and pontoons and to be very uncomfortable to walk on. Coiling them does help but they remain a bulky item by a mooring cleat.

Hanging pictures on a yacht
Heavy pictures, mirrors, half models, plaques etc require a solid fitting on a seagoing vessel. Weighty objects such as these could injure the crew should they come loose in heavy weather sailing. The obvious mounting solution is to bolt through a bulkhead and fasten them on. Yet this type of engineering is much more than is required and the bulkhead damage is less than desirable.

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