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Portmore is a rocky inlet on the north side of Inishtrahull island which lies approximately six miles to the east of Malin Head on the north coast of Ireland. It offers an anchorage off the small quay were vessels may come alongside, in rugged scenic surroundings.

Portmore is an anchorage that affords good shelter and protection from all winds except those between north by northeast and east. Holding however can be poor in the rocky inlet. Attentive navigation is required for access, as the surrounding inlet is fringed with rocks and the area is subject to strong currents, tidal races and surge. Great caution should be exercised when approaching Portmore if a swell is running. Otherwise, it is more than manageable.
Please note

The tides in Inishtrahull Sound reach up to 4 knots in springs and a whirlpool exists immediately offshore of Portmore. The entire area of Malin Head becomes uncomfortable in any conditions over force 4. This is acutely the case in wind-over-tide conditions that set up steep waves very quickly in Inishtrahull Sound. The area should be entirely avoided during wind-over-tide conditions with a north-westerly.

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No fees for anchoring or berthing in this locationRemote or quiet secluded locationAnchoring locationJetty or a structure to assist landingQuick and easy access from open waterScenic location or scenic location in the immediate vicinityHistoric, geographic or culturally significant location; or in the immediate vicinity

Dangerous to enter when it is Beaufort force 5 or more from N, NNE, NE, ENE, E, ESE, SE, SSE, S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW and NNW.Note: strong tides or currents in the area that require considerationNote: whirlpools or very strong eddies in the vicinity

Protected sectors

Current wind over the protected quadrants
Minimum depth
5 metres (16.4 feet).

3 stars: Attentive navigation; daylight access with dangers that need attention.